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Loss of a Spouse/Widow

A woman may spend much of her retirement alone.

A woman may spend much of her retirement alone.

A quarter of American women aged 65-74 are widows, while others are alone by choice. Household expenses are rarely halved after a divorce or a spouse’s death, and a woman’s financial survival may depend entirely on her degree of retirement planning. Social Security survivor benefits may prove insufficient: if a spouse files for Social Security at 62, the survivor’s benefit for the longer-lived spouse will be up to 30% smaller than if the claiming decision was made at Full Retirement Age.1,2

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Questions faced as a widow:

Questions faced as a widow:

  • How do I live without him?
  • If I do seek help, who can I trust?
  • What happens to my income & taxes now?
  • Where do I start?
  • What are the most important things to do now?
  • How does this change my future and am I going to be okay?

Many of our clients are facing the loss of a spouse and we help them deal with these life transitions and look at the financial & emotional issues they are facing

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