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WillowTrust Accounting’s bookkeeping services allow you to run your business without spending so much time and energy focusing on the financial records. Our firm offers services to help maintain accurate books, which is critical as you continue to grow your business and pursue additional financial services including lending, stimulus funds, and employee compensation.

QuickBooks Review

If your business is considering transitioning to QuickBooks from another accounting software or need professional help setting up QuickBooks to streamline your business finances, WillowTrust Accounting is available to help.

Services for QuickBooks include:

  • Initial training
  • Integrate Quickbooks with other software
  • Provide quick answers to task-oriented questions
  • Ensure your books are prepared accurately for tax planning


Whether your business is looking to outsource the payroll process or you are an individual that needs help with payroll for a domestic worker, WTA can guide you through the process to ensure compliance with tax law and accuracy in payments

Services include:

  • Nanny Payroll
  • Small Business Payroll
  • After the Fact Payroll
  • Online Payroll Processing
  • Custom Payroll Reports


Small Business Accounting

Small Business Accounting

WillowTrust Accounting provides a variety of services for small and mid-sized businesses designed to increase your productivity and decrease your tax liabilities. Some of our business services include outsourced accounting and bookkeeping, business consulting, tax planning, business tax preparation, and more.

On a monthly or quarterly basis, WillowTrust Accounting can:

  • Reconcile bank accounts
  • Generate an income statement
  • Generate a balance sheet
  • Clean up your general ledger

Maintaining accurate records is a key aspect of running a business. 

Having WillowTrust Accounting review your books monthly allows us to pinpoint any discrepancies, such as double billing or unrecorded payments, and make necessary corrections to maintain accuracy.